Ramadan Announcement

                                                       وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
,الحمدلله Ramadan is less than a week away and the first day of fasting is expected to be either
Tuesday April 13th or Wednesday April 14th.
Islamic Center of Livermore (ICL) remains committed to serving the community in the safest way
possible for our congregants, staff, and volunteers. As a society, we are making good progress
towards containing the pandemic, however we are not out of the woods yet. Our goal is to offer
services and programs while closely adhering to Alameda County health and safety guidelines.
,إن شاء الله this Ramadan we will holding Isha and Tarawih and limited to 35 congregants per night
(25 Brothers and 10 Sisters). Registration is required via Eventbrite, based on first-come first-served.
• 8 raka’ah + 3 Witr prayers. Will be led by 2 volunteer Imam.
• Prayer Mat – it is MANDATORY that you bring your own.
• Face Mask – must be worn at all times, covering both nose and mouth.
• Wudu’ – please make your Wudu’ at home. All bathrooms are closed (except for emergency).
• Refreshment/Water – please bring your own drinking water as all water dispensers have been
Please Stay Home If …
• You have fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.
• You fall under the at high-risk category (immunocompromised, asthma, underlying health
• You just returned from travel within the last 14 days.
Iftar, Food and Refreshments:
ICL will not be organizing any Iftar events this Ramadan. We fully understand the good intentions of our
congregants wanting to share food, refreshments and drinks with others for Iftar and Tarawih. We
strongly discourage this unless the food/refreshment is individually packed to minimize touching and
facilitate ease of distribution.
Looking forward to seeing you and please remember to cooperate with the staff and volunteers as this is
a new process and not an easy task for all of us.
May Allah keep us all safe and healthy, أمين
جزاك الله خيرا
ICL Board
8 April 2021
COVID-19 has posed unique challenges for the masjid and its operations. Islamic Center of Livermore (ICL) has placed
protocols in place to keep the community safe. ICL reserves the right to amend and adjust its COVID-19 protocols without prior
notice. By attending prayer at ICL you acknowledge and agree to hold harmless ICL, its Board Members, volunteers and related
parties from any harm that may arise due to your attendance at the masjid.

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