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Islam is monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one incomparable God – Allah and that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the messenger of God. It is the fastest growing religion and the second largest in the world. Islam teaches that God is merciful, all-powerful, unique and has guided mankind through prophets, revealed scriptures and natural signs.

Here at the Islamic Center of Livermore we want to help encourage Muslims to better their lives by acquiring knowledge about their religion as well as developing a love for Islam. To strengthen the Ummah we must form bonds with the members of our community. ICL hosts monthly guest speakers, a biweekly food pantry for the less fortunate, community iftars during Ramadan, and many other programs to bring the community together. By creating a strong bond within the community, we are able to help those in need and create a friendly environment for those who have just arrived. A big part of our effort to build the community is to be able to inspire and educate the Muslim youth. ICL provides a weekly Islamic school every Sunday during the regular school year, that way the Muslim youth in Livermore can get their regular education as well an Islamic education.

By building this community we are paving a way for future generations.

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The Board of Directors meet everyother Sunday of every month.

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